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SummerStageSummerStage of Delafield was founded in 2007.  The person behind the idea is Brian Faracy.  The following is an excerpt from an article in the Freeman Weekend edition in the Spring of 2007: Outdoor Theater Coming to Lapham peak park.  Brian served on the board until 2010.

The board went through some changes, including three presidents during 2008. Steve Davis served on the board starting in 2008 and became President of the Board in late 2008, and served through December 2017 when he became past president,  Ralph Garcia took over as president.

SummerStage has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2007. From a small wooden stage and nothing else, we’ve grown to a great facility, including:

  • A backstage room
  • A concession stand
  • An newer, larger, longer lasting stage
  • An admissions gazebo
  • Storage sheds for the concession stand and the backstage area
  • A rustic roof to not only to protect the performers, but also to allow us to provider better lighting and sound for our performances
  • New landscaping in 2013 including a handicap accessible path, native plantings, and more path lighting.
  • A new picnic area including a SummerStage picnic tent.

The SummerStage board will continue to not only provide quality programming, but also continue to improve the venue so that our patrons, performers, volunteers, and donors continue to have a great SummerStage experience.