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Fun with Shakespeare: Get Outside with Will

Workshop: 5:30PM

Play: 7:00PM ~ “Twelfth Night”

Workshop & play are FREE

Summit Players workshops are focused on Shakespeare’s use of nature in his plays and general theatre practices. They play games, work with text, and explore the natural world through the lens of Shakespeare’s words. Members of the company work with the the kids (and fun adults), spending time learning about how fun Shakespeare can be, and trying to alleviate any “iambic pentajitters.”  The workshops are approximately 45 minutes long, and presented prior to each performance.


Summit Players Workshop

The play is “TWELTH NIGHT” ~ 7:00PM


The workshop and play play are free of charge.

Please note that there is a $5 park entrance fee per vehicle.  It’s free if you have a state park sticker.

Admission is FREE

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